100 Pasolini

100 years after the birth of Pasolini, we embark on a journey through the personal geographies of this universal author.
A divisive intellectual figure whose work is still highly relevant today.

I’ve walked in the light of history,but my being was always heroic,under your dominating, intimate thought’
Fragment: To Death

On 5 March 2022 Pier Paolo Pasolini would be turning 100, a difficult age to reach, but his life was violently cut short long before on a November evening in 1975 on Ostia beach near the mouth of the River Tiber, and where today lives a community of people who perfectly reflect the characters of his films and writings. A murder still shrouded in mystery.

One of the most talked about and controversial figures of his time, Pasolini represents a reference point for Italian and international culture. More than a poet, filmmaker or writer, Pasolini is a being that lives in the dimension of myth, since he managed to embody a destiny that’s not only tragic but also universal. Due to his incredible ability to read and foresee the transformations of contemporary society, Pasolini is an author that remains highly original and relevant.

This reportage, put together to mark 100 years since his birth, does more than just retrace the places that formed the backdrop of his life – from Rome’s working-class suburbs to its bourgeois district of EUR, the Friuli of his youth and the relationship with his mother, the Bologna of his birth and university education, Grado, Matera and Tuscania which count among his film sets – it also meets with the scholars and artists who’ve worked on his texts and paid homage to his legacy, but above all it recalls certain locations and personalities such as the residents of Idroscalo, the place where his battered body was found, and who today wouldn’t look out of place in one of his films. A suburb just like any of the other Roman suburbs that formed the backdrop for part of his life and which today have been profoundly transformed.

( 2021 – 2022 )