A New Italian Renaissance

The post-lockdown challenge

The coronavirus pandemic has been revolutionising the way we live and work, and some of the social and economic consequences may prove to be profound. In reality, every crisis always conceals an opportunity. From the very beginning, the Italian business world was able to seize this opportunity, not only by continuing to produce, work and ensure that the country could keep on moving during the emergency, but by implementing innovative solutions that could possibly turn out to be long-lasting.

The Italian economy’s capacity to adapt and react is a feature of its acknowledged productive and organisational flexibility, and is not only due to the ingenuity and creativity that has characterised the country since the days of Leonardo and the Renaissance.
Examples include reduced mobility of goods and people, substantial alterations to the way we work and experience social activities, social distancing, shielding, alternative distribution, remote working and virtual meetings, advanced services, stock service, customization and many other innovative solutions.

Italy is the land of business excellence, the home of luxury, food and wine culture, Italian style, art and design. All these spheres bred innovation and flexibility during the emergency, which was perceived as a new challenge to overcome. This paradigm shift could be the basis for future opportunities and a “New Italian Renaissance”.

( 2020 )