A Waterless Paradise

Drought is an extremely serious problem that is occurring more and more frequently

“Drought in Ethiopia is worse than a military coup”. This is what Sando Santilli admits as he jumps on his car heading to Sora, in Southern Ethiopia. Sandro – an Italian-born from a family based in Addis Ababa for 3 generations – designs and produces filtering systems to make pond and muddy river waters drinkable. This is a useful invention, considering that in 2011 Ethiopia has been affected by the most severe drought of the last 60 years. Hygiene is not guaranteed, pandemics are widespread and food costs rise while the farmers are in crisis: desertification reduces the space for cultivable fields and forces the farmers to move to new lands, with quite predictabile social tensions. On top of that, drought – which used to happen every 10 years – is occurring every 2 years now.