Along the Historical Routes of the North

High plateaus, ancient cities and churches carved out of the rock by angels

There’s no time for dreaming in Ethiopia. You just carry on, in the name of God. In Bahir Dar, the march begins at dawn, when the light blesses the street that leads from the villages to the city and St George is already surrounded by figures wrapped with pure white veils. In the North of the country, between uplands and historical cities like Gondar and Lalibela, one can discover the religiosity of an entire people. In a country, where often the asphalt is missing, churches are everywhere and the faces of Jesus appear on cars and in mud houses with neither beds nor running water. The Ethiopian paradise of churches is Lalibela, a Unesco World heritage site 2,700 metres high, with buildings carved into the ground. According to a legend, these buildings were realized by angels. «There is only one person who can realize my dreams – explains Tesfu pointing at a holy picture – and that is the only one I tell them»