Bad Ideas Make the Best Memories

A great summer of fun in Mallorca

Every summer tens of thousands of young people arrive on Mallorca for an unforgettable holiday. The most popular spots are El Arenal and Magaluf, two immense tourist meccas on the outskirts of Palma di Mallorca made up of hotels, clubs, and restaurants.

Very often young people have no interest whatsoever in seeing the rest of the island: they remain here the entire time, at the centre of the party where fun is custom-made just for them. Excessive, open, and cheap entertainment has turned Mallorca into one of the most popular destinations for young Europeans. What drives their holidays is a party at all costs as they explore their own physical limits or forget their worries in a constant and unfettered search for fun. A search which can sometimes turn into the very opposite of pleasurable.

( 2017 )