Bamboo Bikes

‘We don’t make bikes, we change lives’ is the slogan of the small company Zambikes who make bycicles with a bamboo frame

“We don’t make bikes, we change lives”. This is the slogan of Zambikes, a small company created in 2007 in Lusaka by 4 resourceful young men (2 from Zambia and 2 from the USA). After assembling iron bicycles imported from Taiwan for a couple of years, they realized that being creative was not enough and that they wanted to make a difference. This is why they have created Zambulance, a bicycle ambulance, made of a bicycle with a stretcher.
People living in the shantytowns of Lusaka and in rural areas cannot afford to pay for transport to the hospital and in many of these areas there are no passable roads. Zambulance can be used on tracks that are not accessible by car guaranteeing rescue to the poorest. But this is not the end of it: the creative minds of Zambikes have created unique bicycles with a bamboo frame. Very light bikes that you can ride on any kind of track, as the Italian Matteo Sametti has shown by pedalling on a bamboo bike for 8400 km from Lusaka to London for a humanitarian project.