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The country’s movie theater world is definitely changing

The historic single screen cinemas are recently experiencing a deep identity and economic crisis, leading them to a fast disappearance. Simultaneously, multiple modern screen centers are at the peak of their development and success. As well as the entire Indian film industry. The videos parlour instead – big rooms without any comfort and equipped only with a projector – were born in provincial areas where the old cinemas were closing down, trying to keep alive the traditional movie theaters market in a cheaper way. But today, due to growing piracy, the spread of new technologies (smartphones, tablets, laptops) – and last but not least because of their intrinsic illegality (very few video rooms are fully licensed) – they are experiencing themselves also a major crisis. Thus in a few years the world of cinemas in the country could change radically.

Even in India then, in rural areas as in large cities, small theaters are being replaced constantly by more advanced but anonymous video centers. Today these three types of theaters – video parlour, single screen halls and modern multiplex – are still attended by different kind of people in a very exclusive way: each one in fact has its own typical goer that identifies it under a social and economic category. Today they represent a perfect picture of India social complexity to be studied and considered under a light-blue Bollywood twilight.