Caracas’ High Life

Is the country’s capital really the tough place you were told about?

In 2015 Caracas has been declared the “most dangerous town in the world”. The economy is in a slump, inflation is quite high and most people spend hours queueing in front of supermarkets hoping to buy milk, eggs, sugar and flour at controlled prices. Despite an enormous loan from China, fifteen years of bolivarianism and the sudden oil price drop pushed Venezuela quite near a social disaster. But, especially in Caracas, somebody keeps living a high life based on a US dollars-fueled parallel economy. It? is a high society frequenting exclusive clubs and restaurants, where a dinner may cost more than the monthly wage of a state worker. This elite counts entrepreneurs, lawyers, private doctors, artists and the new riches coming from the governative area. They call these latter the “boliburgueses”, Bolivarian bourgeois, sly people that, under the Chavez and Maduro regime, betrayed the socialist ideals and made big money.

( 2016 )