Ethiopia - Addis Abeba. The New Flower of Africa

How a populous capital is becoming increasingly relevant on the international stage

Ethiopia - Bekoji. The Runners’ Town

If you look at the birth certificates of the best Marathon runners in the world, you will discover that many of them come from Bekoji, Ethiopia. This small and isolated town lies in the south of the country and is becoming famous for being the “town of runners”. In recent years, 6 runners from Bekoji […]

Ethiopia - Harenna. Last Coffee Collectors

Carried by donkeys, this coffee grows spontaneously and is still collected by the small local community

Ethiopia - Time to Go Solar

Solar energy in Africa is useful (also) to charge phones and extract water

Ethiopia - The Great Bourgeoisie Awakening

In the horn of Africa there is a proud and independent middle class

Ethiopia - Along the Historical Routes of the North

High plateaus, ancient cities and churches carved out of the rock by angels

Ethiopia - A Waterless Paradise

Drought is an extremely serious problem that is occurring more and more frequently

Ethiopia - Macalle. The Perfect Prison

A model of jail enterprise, here prisoners sell fruit and fabrics, build houses and manage beauty centres

Ethiopia - Where Democracy Was Born

The Borana herders who live in the Great Rift Valley have created a democratic system long before the Greeks

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