United States


Where the American dream was born

Before airplanes, those traveling coast to coast across USA by train had to pass through Chicago. Strategic and logistic center since its very beginning, the “wind city” became the slaughter house of America: Chicago’s meat processing system inspired the idea of the assembly line and the whole capitalism age (the “railway capitalism”, as Marco D’Eramo called it).

After the great fire of 1871, big companies (here McDonald’s has its headquarters, just to mention one) built in Chicago the first skyscrapers in the world, and with them the American Dream saw its first light. Thanks to its harbour and beaches on Lake Michigan, the third city of the U.S.A. has always been called the “third coast”, as its lake really looks like the sea. “Even if you stand on the highest skyscraper in the city” as Chicago’s mayor loves to repeat “you won’t be able to see its end”.