Documenting Coronavirus 1

Documenting Coronavirus

Our network of photojournalists on the field to cover the outbreak. #coronavirus

Italy is experiencing the most serious coronavirus epidemic in the world. The country is severely tested by the effort to contain the spread of contagion. However, it has responded with promptness, determination, courage and often with the creativity that distinguishes the Italian people. The stories of the women and men who, with their gestures big and small, often heroic, work every day to contain the epidemic are many. From the medical and paramedical staff of Giovanni XXIII, the reference hospital in Bergamo, the town in northern Italy with the highest percentage of positive cases and victims in the world, who are at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 every day; to the task forces of the Armed Forces working at full speed to build field hospitals where the patients can be admitted. From startups that have invented methods to print masks and respirators in 3D, to companies that have converted their factories overnight to produce them on a large scale. From the volunteers who, every night and day, take care of the weakest, the ones left to their own devices, such as the homeless and the elderly who live alone, to the emptied and ghostly cities, where every night, though, the words of the national anthem sung in chorus from the balconies resound.

Our photojournalists, used to cover the front lines of the world’s conflicts and emergencies and now called to do so in their own country, are constantly at work, in a capillary network that collects those stories of courage and resilience in all regions of Italy.

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