Democratic Republic of Congo

The endless war for Kivu’s minerals

Years of war, violence, tension and instability. Four million, three hundred thousand dead and an endless list of abuses, injustices and hypocrisy. Today Kivu continues to be a place of death and exploitation, of infinite misery and vast resources. It is poor, in fact, because it is rich.
This is just one of the many contradictions of this eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, on which the destiny of a vast swathe of Africa depends, and which is the focus of many global interests from the West to China.
Within this dark reality that appears to offer no escape, there are also some glimmers of hope, such as the work of Dr Denis Mukwege. Dr Mukwege has frequently been threatened and in 2012 was the victim of an assassination attempt but in 2018 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in this troubled corner of Africa.

( 2009 )