Democratic Republic of Congo

Fighting Measles in the Forest

Vaccination without borders

During March 2017 some central regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been hit by a measles outbreak, that added to the endemic situation of undernourishment and malaria to cause several deaths in a very short time.
Médecins sans Frontières (MsF, aka Doctors without Borders) is supporting a vaccination campaign to cover these particularly remote territories, where too often people die because they simply can’t access medical intervention.
The staff dove into an incredible journey started with an inner flight, continued with two days of pirogue up the river Congo and finally reached a village in the middle of the forest where they created, in a former convent, a temporary operational base. From here, every day various teams leave to vaccinate children and cure those living in the most remote areas. Hundreds of kilometres on a motorbike in the middle of the jungle and dozens of kilometres walking are the distances covered every day by doctors and nurses, facing natural and social obstacles.

It’s one of the MsF missions in the heart of Africa, as there are no impossible borders to cross when human lives need to be saved.

( 2017 )