Genoa. The Port’s Angels

Guys who can steer an oil tanker like a bicycle

After the tragedy that occurred in May, 2013 in the port of Genoa, one of the busiest in Italy, this is a tribute to the port pilots, who lost two men when the control tower was hit by a maneuvering ship and collapsed, killing nine. In certain areas of the port, the maneuvering spaces are tight and dangerous. When a cargo ship three hundred meters long approaches the entrance, only twenty men are capable of getting on board, steering it and bringing it into docking without provoking a disaster.
They are the port’s pilots: all long time standing captains with exceptional navigation experience. Although they haven’t seen the open sea for some time, they are some of the best sailors in the world. On duty twenty four hours a day, they earn an excellent salary: but, as they say themselves, the biggest satisfaction their work gives them are the congratulations of the commanding officer of the ship they brought safe and sound to the dock.