Isle of Salvation

A very special educational place

A quiet and hidden community which is hard to notice while driving on the busy road taking from Moscow to Yaroslav: there is not a similar spiritual, cultural, educational centre anywhere else in Russia. Founded in the early 90’s of the last century by an Orthodox priest, it was supposed to become a confraternity of about thirty people, aiming to live together according to the principles of Gospel and of the Orthodox Holy Fathers. 

During time it became a proper community, now hosting 300 kids and young adults, most of them with relational or personal problems. There’s no TV, internet, mobile phones nor money, considered evils of society: here people cultivate the land, study and dance, training the body and nurturing the soul. The supreme values are God and Homeland: an educational utopia away from nowadays world but still immersed in history, where a shared commitment for an individual change and a balanced growth keeps hope alive.