Europe’s green capital

Ljubljana appears to be the perfect manifesto of an environmentally sustainable city. It has been proclamed “European Green Capital for 2016”, by the EU Commission and his celebrating its new soul with events and ambitious projects.

With its 287,000 inhabitants, has suddenly become a model for all the medium-sized cities in Europe. A kind of lab which has to be watched carefully both in terms of intervention speed and technologic capabilities for urban environmental protection.

More than a third of urban land is covered by woods in which it is absolutely forbidden to build anything. In the Old Town in recent years at least five public parks have been renovated – transforming degraded areas in new cultural and artistic centres, while a fleet of brand new electric buses and taxis are mixing up with bike sharing and skate runners, in a city centre which is totally engine free. Moreover, the entire process of recycling is aiming at an extraordinary zero waste goal, unprecedented in the whole Europe.

( 2016 )