Lombardy No Covid

A glimmer of hope in the region worst affected by coronavirus

There is a part of the Lombardy region that has managed to escape unscathed from the Covid-19 pandemic. The area of isolated valleys of Alto Lago and the villages near the Bergamasque Alps has so far experienced zero cases of coronavirus. This part of Lombardy is made up of villages with names like Blello, Sernio, Magasa and Albaredo: there are around thirty of them and none have recorded any cases of the virus that has ravaged the rest of the region.

A map of hope that tells the story of a Lombardy very different from that of the large urban centres, made up of small rural towns and villages that, in the time of the pandemic, offer new lifestyle models. Social distancing is the order of the day and the mayors call townsfolk by their first names (on the street, over the phone or via virtual chats). “We’re more like a condominium block than a village, and I’m the building administrator,” explains a smiling Luigi Mazzucotelli, mayor of Blello, the smallest municipality in the province of Bergamo with just 74 inhabitants. “But ours is a condominium where everyone knows everyone else, surrounded by nature and free from fine particle dust. And, so far, free from Covid!”

( 2020 )