Lonely by Nature

A country reboot

Anna and Ari Heidmann’s farm is situated in the North side of Iceland, not far from the little town of Husavik. The family owns 35 cows and make their living from the milk the farm produces every day. Anna and Ari have five kids, all helping their parents with the daily duties: mowing the lawn, fixing the tractor, have a fugitive cow back or assisting a newborn calf. For centuries, three Icelanders out of four based their activities on farming and exploitation of environmental resources. In the Eighties of last century, Iceland opened its economy to international markets, transforming itself in an unprotected liberism lab.

After the economic crisis, the country decided to step back. Icelanders focused again on their land, investing in a green economy, writing a new constitution with crowdsourcing and taking away funds to speculative financing to pay citizen’s loans. Heidmann’s farm is a symbol of the unbelievable reboot of the country, a real model for a new and incredible sustainable achievement.