Bosnia and Herzegovina

Medjugorje’s Miracle

A new Vatican commssion will search for true holy events

In 1981 Medjugorje was a poor village of the Socialist Yugoslavia surrounded by low stony hills. It was on one of these hills, the Podbrdo, that on the 24th of June six minors started to claim that they had seen “a female figure with an oval face, black hair and blue eyes”: it was the Gospa, the Virgin Mary. She invited them to convert, showed them how to find peace and communicated ten secrets to be revealed to the world in due time.
Is all of this false, as some people claim? The Church has had a cautious attitude so far and those visionaries, who have now become adults, continue to see the Virgin Mary. In the meantime Medjugorje has become one of the world’s top destinations of religious tourism with more than a million pilgrims visiting the village every year and a successful business of souvenir shops, books and tour packages.