Metaphysics of the 45th Parallel

Traveling halfway between Equator and North Pole

Dozens of Northern Italian villages and small towns are exactly halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, that is along the 45th parallel. Something not really worth noticing, if not for the fact that in a not too distant past the separatist party Northern League has proposed to use the parallel as the new border which would have separated Northern Italy from the allegedly backwards and useless South. One year after the Unity of Italy’s 150th anniversary, we drove along the whole Italian leg of the parallel, East to West.
Nothing about aesthetics: when you follow the parallel, forcing yourself to leave it as little as possible, you end up in the hidden corners of an unexplored Italy. Places where you normally probably would never have set foot, suspended, rather than between the Pole and the Equator, between the past and the future, in a bucolic and vaguely metaphysical space-time limbo.