Milan, Not Only Fashion

The true avant-garde of Italy, Milan is bursting with energy

Milan is the real avant-garde of Italy, the rapper Marracash once sang. Which is to say: creative energy, culture, and the desire for social interaction, but also capital, investment, and urban renewal. A city that, four years after the Expo, continues to grow and to be “a revitalized city [that] welcomes the world” (New York Times). It is open to tourists, who are opting to visit with ever more frequency because of its discrete beauty and a number of museums that rivals anything in the rest of Europe (it is second after only Rome and Paris). 

And it has always been open to workers, who here – in the New York of Italy, the true economic capital – come in droves from all over the peninsula to realize their dreams, in the fields of design, fashion, architecture, journalism, and business. The numbers agree: not only has the level of unemployment gone down since 2008, but employment in general has increased by five per cent, primarily in sectors such as craftsmanship, the digital world, and sustainability (the concentration of green companies led by young entrepreneurs is the highest in the country). 

Milan is above all a sought-after place to be: the city is among the top destinations for young professionals fleeing Brexit and looking for a place to live on the continent. If possible, to rent: no matter where you go here real estate prices are constantly on the rise.

( 2015 – 2018 )