Mothers 1

A journalistic and photographic journey focusing on the world of pregnancy. Through the stories and images of women who differ by ethnicity, culture and social background, the project tries to break the stereotypes, prejudices and media clamour associated with motherhood by looking at the unresolved, the unsaid and the unordinary. An inner and outer path which lasted nine months and arose from the “bellies” of journalists Marta Ghelma and Claudia Bellante. With photos by Bruno Zanzottera and Mirko Cecchi.

The journey starts with the long battle of women victims of forced sterilization in Peru and continues with the factory of silicon children in Spain. Then, in Japan, where pregnant women are bullied from the company they work  for (Matahara: maternity harrassment) and a mother has often to choose between family and work. We visit gay and lesbian families in Israel, tell the story of the happy life of a girl with Down Syndrome in The Netherlands and the painful one of “Zika generation” in Brazil. We have a look at the increase of premature births in Italy, at the practice of renting a womb in India and at the cult of twins in Benin.