Senegal – Mystic leader

A follower of the Layene Brotherhood enters the washing room at the house in Ngor in Dakar, where holy water springs from the ground. Another follower of the brotherhood fills pots with the water from a copper pipe. On the wall there is a painting of Seydina Issa Rouhou Laye (1909-1949), the son of Seydina Limamou Laye (1843–1909), the founder of the Layene brotherhood. The personality cult plays an important role amongst all Sufi orders in Senegal. Limamou Laye claimed that he was the Mahdi, the reincarnation of the Prophet Muhhamed and that his son Issa was the second coming of Jesus Christ: the Layenne unite Elements of Islam and Christianity in their beliefs. They have some special religious practices, such as washing their feet up to their knees before praying.

Senegal - Mystic leader 1

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