Senegal – Mystic leader

A man cleans a cardboard figure of Amadou Baba Mbacké, the founder of the Mourid Brotherhood.The figure is placed at the beach in Yoff, Dakar, where a religious festival takes place every year to commemorate a miracle performed by Bamba on the Atlantic Ocean. Only one photograph of the holy man survived. The reproductions of the white shape and the face of the saint can be seen on countless street corners, on many amulets and on stickers on taxis and buses. Almost every Senegalese musician has at least one song in his repetoire that worships Bamba’s name. The great devotion which Bamba receives from all the Sufi brotherhoods and even from Christians in Senegal has much to do with his pacifist doctrine, which has made a major contribution to maintaining peace and stability in the country.

Senegal - Mystic leader 1

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