Naples Rises

Solidarity and creativity, solutions from a city that fights back

The pandemic shone a spotlight on the endemic fragility of Naples, but it also provided even greater evidence of its capacity to adapt, to resist and of the creativity of its people in finding new solutions, a people that’s accustomed to emerging from difficulty like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Additional lockdown periods have deepened this unprecedented economic and social crisis, hitting sections of the population with no family or state support to fall back on.

The region of Campania has the highest number of families that depend on the emergency financial measures being provided by the Government and the city of Naples has seen a 60% rise in the number of requests for assistance: from food, to financial help (paying bills, rent or other necessary expenses) through to psychological assistance and counselling. 
From an economic perspective, 70% of companies have suffered a drop in revenue and the situation is even more acute in those sectors (such as tourism and catering) in which there is still a high number of undeclared or temporary workers.

Whilst many commercial and cultural businesses are closing down, the quiet work of individuals, activists, religious and arts movements and sports associations goes on, constantly looking for sound, workable solutions like food banks, affordable private Covid tests, the restoration of public green areas, and even the organisation of shows and training sessions. The objective is to provide alternative approaches for supporting a broken and shell-shocked social fabric and to lay the foundations for a better future, when we’re able to cast aside the masks of today and start all over again.

( 2020 )