Nobles and Slaves

A middle age kingdom in the heart of Africa

Four hours and some centuries separate North Cameroon from the Lamidat of Rey Bouba. 36.000 square kilometers of savannah where the Lamido is the absolute monarch, holding the right of life and death on his subjects. A state within the state, where the central power is both timid and accomplice at the same time.
Until the beginning of the 21st century, in Rey Bouba, the traditional and religious capital, there was no sign of modernity and people used to go to jail even for opening a gas station. After the old Lamido’s death and the accession of Aboubakary Abdoulaye – the son who gave up the position of minister at Yaoundé parliament- to the throne, it is possible to perceive some signs of modernity. But the palace – with its harem, the slaves and the eunuchs- is still there invisible to prying eyes, but absolutely real as everyone swear.