Quaranteens and More

Giulio, 20, Andrea, 19, and Diego, 21.
Giulio is in his first year of higher education, at film school. He chose this path because “I wanted to do something practical.” As it happens, he has found himself studying hours and hours of theory online. “Gatto” (Giulio’s surname) sometimes feels like a caged animal. He really wants to go out but behind his house are just endless fields of crops, and he can’t. His father asked “But who do you want to meet? There’s no one out there. Just the police waiting to give you a 400-euro fine. Have you got that money?” On 4 May his despair came to an end. He put a few things in a backpack, jumped on his bicycle and pedalled all the way to Milan to spend some time with his friends Diego (photo 16) and Andrea (photo 8). The three friends had launched a small company to offer photographic, music and video services during the Milan fashion shows. Obviously everything has been cancelled. Giulio can’t wait to get back to his life. On his own behaviour, he thinks that it’s obvious that we need to respect the world we live in, and he plans to do that and stay loyal to his principles. Even though he hates facemasks, he wears them without complaining too much, but fears that his lifestyle might have to change.

Quaranteens and More 1

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