Quaranteens and More

Skinny, 17.
Still a minor, Skinny left school to focus on becoming a musician. His first four songs brought him recognition as an emerging talent of Italian street music. He performs trap music, which is not to everyone’s taste, and tells the stories of life on the outskirts of his city, Catania, where he lives without any adults to answer to. On the street you do what you want and what you can. The fact that his songs have been listened to 3 and a half million times has convinced him that he’s on the right track. Before the lockdown he had been headed to Milan to try and break into the Lombardy trap scene. Instead he was stuck with his producer and a few friends in a house in Giarre where he wrote music and shot a new video for his song Blue Bandana. During the lockdown his music took off on YouTube, Spotify and Applemusic. The future is Milan, performing and writing. His dream is to help his mother. Pollution, the pace of modern life, consumerism and waste weren’t and aren’t urgent issues for him. For Skinny what’s urgent is the here and now.

Quaranteens and More 1

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