Rediscovering Time

Artists and intellectuals: a moment for creativity

How many times have you wished that you had more time? The coronavirus emergency has meant that the luxury of time has been forced upon us all, and with it comes a great opportunity. For artists and intellectuals, obliged to spend time away from events and the gaze of the public, this rediscovered time also provides space to use productively and an opportunity to reinvigorate their creativity.

We knocked on the doors of artists and intellectuals to see how they have been spending this time while normal events have been placed on hold and whether they have been concentrating on developing new ideas and works. We enquired if they have been working on old projects or creating new ones, and in what other creative ways they’ve been spending their time. We also wanted to know if they have been using digital tools and social media to share their art and whether they feel that these could also be useful in the future, opening up new ways of experiencing culture.

( 2020 )