Western Sahara

Saharawi. A People With No Land

The wall of shame of the Moroccan government

Peoples without land, a State without a nation. And a wall, 2,700 km of sand and stones, which for 40 years has kept a territory (Western Sahara) from its people (the Saharawi). This wall of walls is like a jagged scar: four, five, six piles which run parallel to each other in the Sahara Desert, strewn with more than five million landmines and controlled by 160,000 Moroccan soldiers.

It was built in the Eighties to block the attacks by the Saharawi militants and the return of the refugees. Today, this group lives in exile for the most part, just like its government. A mess caused by the Spanish decolonization, followed by the Moroccan invasion. The 200,000 people who fled from their homes in 1976, have been living for years in overcrowded refugee camps in the Algerian desert. Without water, food or adequate medical facilities.

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