Crazy Emerald Coast

Whatever happens in Sardinia, stays in Sardinia

Fifty years ago the Aga Khan discovered the Emerald Coast. In 2012, the Emir of Qatar bought it for 600 million Euros. In between, decades of craziness and extravagance which turned the small Sardinian waterfront in the world’s most exclusive paradise. Once upon a time, goats would graze on Capriccioli’s deserted beaches. Today Ferraris and Lamborghinis (mostly Arab and Russian) shoot through the narrow streets of Porto Cervo, and the bay is so crowded with super yachts that the view is obstructed. Yet, not only celebrities come to the Emerald Coast: every summer a lay pilgrimage is made of normal people, too, willing to do everything to live a day like a VIP. “The time of the gap between rich and poor is over” they say at the Phi Beach disco. “Everybody can come here now, wearing flip-flops and a sarong.” And dreaming of Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot.