Sardinia Liberated

A few military beaches have been opened to the public. But it’s only a drop

The spectacular dunes of Is Arenas Biancas are part of one of the most beautiful areas in all of Sardinia. But they fall within the military firing range of Capo Teulada, and their access to the public has always been problematic. That is, until the summer of 2018. An agreement between Sardinia and the Ministry of Defence has made the beach officially accessible, and not only Is Arenas Biancas: the beach of Porto Tramatzu, a stretch of Capo Frasca, and the six, uncontaminated kilometres of Cala Murtas have also been freed from the burden of military servitude. Crumbs really. Because today sixty per cent (thirty thousand hectares) of the Italian military’s overall presence is still concentrated in Sardinia. “A disproportionate and anachronistic burden,” the regional president, Francesco Pigliaru, explains, “which has had serious repercussions on the lack of economic development in the entire region.”

( 2018 )