Italy - Life of a Repentant

The story of Michele Vitagliano, a former member of the Neapolitan Camorra

Kenya - Chang’aa, a Liquid Nightmare

Made from distilled maize and millet, but sometimes adulterated with acid and even petrol, chang’aa is the highly potent brew that is destroying Kenya.

Afghanistan - The Great Blame

A new peace deal, yet the same old issues remain

Italy - This Land is Our Land

How properties confiscated to the mafias come back to the civil society

Brazil - The Hidden Virus

The fate of dark-skinned women

United States - No One Will Trespass

Paramilitary volunteers patrolling the Us border

Mexico - The Wall

The oddest frontier

Brazil - The Forgotten Sertão

It’s the other Brazil, the anti-Amazon, the poorest and most arid region in Latin America. The Sertão, the Brazilian outback, is twice the size of England: part sea, part desert and part steppe, where life is hard and poverty is rife in the streets. Half of South America’s poorest inhabitants live here, in the Sertão, […]

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