Italy - Naples Rises

Solidarity and creativity, solutions from a city that fights back

Italy - Bio Minds

How models from the natural world can help us solve problems

Italy - The Rivers

Going to the beach is sure to be complicated in the first summer in the time of Covid-19. Many, in fact, are choosing to head to the river instead.

India - Gas Chamber Delhi

The Indian capital is the world’s most polluted city. And the consequences are disastrous

French Guiana - The Gold of Amazonia

Extracting this precious metal in the heart of the forest causes serious damage. How can this be resolved?

Cyprus - The Wall Between Us

A green line is Europe’s most embarassing border

Italy - Combating Aridity

Water scarcity and the Emilia Romagna model

Japan - The Village of Longevity

A trip to Ogimi, among the centenarians of Okinawa

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