Libya - Gaddafi’s Utopia

Ten thousand years of history. Civilizations that have fought, traded, loved, hated, overlapped, merged and intertwined in an inextricable tangle. Ten thousand years of history and a single, eternal common denominator: the Mediterranean. With Libya at the center: yesterday as today, it is both the natural gateway to – and exit point from – Africa. […]

Libya - Divided We Stand

A decade after the revolution, the country still struggles with civil war

Indonesia - Jakarta’s Girls

From activism to radicalisation, the battle of Indonesian young women

Italy - City of Worship

Religious minorities in Rome, the center of Christianity

Italy - No More Fishing

The most Arab city in Italy opens the doors of its Casbah

Italy - Neapolistan

A thriving Islamic community at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius

Kenya - Kakuma. Nowhere On Earth

Where Islamic terrorism meets no-man’s land

Uzbekistan - Islamic riddle

Architectural heritage along the Silk Road

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