Italy - Bio Minds

How models from the natural world can help us solve problems

South Africa - Chrysalis Academy

Where chrysalides transform into South Africa’s leaders of the future

Italy - Rediscovering Time

Artists and intellectuals: a moment for creativity

Italy - COVID-Tech

How disruptive innovation is being used to respond to the virus

Poland - Słubfurt

A double European dream

Turkey - The End of Hasankeyf

The lake created by the Ilısu dam will see the archeological site of Hasankeyf, as well as 199 villages in Turkish Kurdistan, submerged beneath its waters

Bangladesh - Dhaka’s Invisible Slaves

A roof in exchange for a life

Italy - A New Order

Sovereignism’s new academy in an ancient Carthusian abbey

Italy - Combating Aridity

Water scarcity and the Emilia Romagna model

Burkina Faso - Thomas Sankara’s Women

Agro-ecology: an additional weapon to fight climate change

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