SOS Volunteers 3

SOS Volunteers

Providing assistance, medicines and food to those in need

Parma 5


The Italian Capital of Culture 2020

The End of Hasankeyf 7

The End of Hasankeyf

The lake created by the Ilısu dam will see the archeological site of Hasankeyf, as well as 199 villages in Turkish Kurdistan, submerged beneath its waters

The Glass Beads Game 15

The Glass Beads Game

The art of glass beadmaking could now be added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage

Twins Are Forever 18

Twins Are Forever

Life, death, monkeys and beans in the syncretic cult of African twins

AbandoNation 25


Italian ghost villages are our country’s best kept secret

Masks Never Die 26

Masks Never Die

Why African people must celebrate Carnival all year round

Via Francigena 27

Via Francigena

From Rome to Jerusalem along the ancient pilgrim paths

Moms for Rent 30

Moms for Rent

Humiliating practice for women or a way to fight decreasing fertility?

Saudade Bissau 40

Saudade Bissau

A timeless world where colonialism’s ruins blend in with ancestral rituals

Where Democracy Was Born 41

Where Democracy Was Born

The Borana herders who live in the Great Rift Valley have created a democratic system long before the Greeks

Gibellina 42


Utopia laboratory or ghost fantasma?

Escape to Mount Kenya 44

Escape to Mount Kenya

In the footsteps of Felice Benuzzi who escaped from an English prison field to climb Mount Kenya and return to the field

Zabbaleen. The Garbage People 47

Zabbaleen. The Garbage People

In the slums of Cairo the Zabbaleen, a minority community of Egyptian Coptic Christians, make a living by recycling up to 80% of the waste

Living with the Dead 48

Living with the Dead

In the overpopulated metropolis of Cairo the poor create their houses even in cemeteries

Bamboo Bikes 49

Bamboo Bikes

‘We don’t make bikes, we change lives’ is the slogan of the small company Zambikes who make bycicles with a bamboo frame

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