The Zone 1

Ukraine - The Zone

Meet the radioactive Stalkers

Semipalatinsk 2

Kazakhstan - Semipalatinsk

The legacy of nuclear testing

Lost in Transition 3

Abkhazia - Lost in Transition

A nation with a glorious heritage, a grim present and a very uncertain future

Back in Black 4

Ukraine - Back in Black

The Hasidic Jews pilgrimage in Chernobyl

The Radioactive Gold of Chernobyl 5

Ukraine - The Radioactive Gold of Chernobyl

When recycling is a job for dead men walking

Welcome to Chernobyl 6

Ukraine - Welcome to Chernobyl

The nuclear tourism

Life in Chernobyl 7

Ukraine - Life in Chernobyl

Daily routine in the exclusion zone

Coal. The Black Legacy 8

China - Coal. The Black Legacy

Tales of pollution and human resistance where the sun is darkened

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