Tel Aviv Beach Life

Night and day fun under the Israel sun

Tel Aviv is worldwide known as the city that never sleeps, the place where there is always at least one open club, 24 hours a day. One of the local favourite leisure activities, anyway – enjoyed by tourists, too – is to crowd the 5 kilometers of beaches extending along an endless line of big hotels situated along the seafront.

There are plenty of beaches, one for every taste. Nordau Beach, the beach of religious people, where men and women enjoy the sun on alternate days. Hilton Beach, the gay beach, easy to spot because of its rainbow parasols and because it’s the only one where dog owners can walk around with their pets. Banana Beach is the best place for surfers wannabes while Drummers Beach, in front of the multicolored ruins of a discotheque hit by a terrorist attack in 2001, is full of percussionists and dancers in a vaguely underground atmosphere. The park and the beaches of the South area, towards the Jaffa promontory, are mainly crowded by the Arabian community, with women entering the water fully dressed and huge barbecues on the grass.