United States

The Catacombs of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a mermaid that enchants you with its lights but it is also a living hell for desperate people

Homeless people – whose number raised as a result of the economic crisis- that Sin City prefers not to see, forcing them to live in underground tunnels originally designed as gutters. Catacombs run for over 500 miles underneath Las Vegas and host human phantoms, shadow men, homeless people with no work and no family. Often with no identity. There is everything here: lonely elderly people, depressed teenagers, poor young mothers, sick persons, drug addicts, alcoholics, war veterans and compulsive gamblers. It takes little to evict them: a police bust, an argument, a violent rainstorm on the mountains. “When it rains we expect a little tzunami” Nenad, 33, explains “ and when it arrives you have only thirty seconds to run away”.