The Desperates of the Shipwrecks

A journey among the homeless of the Perama shipyards

Once upon a time, Perama, a suburb of Athens, used to be the flagship among the Greek shipyards. This area has now become a memento of a crisis which brought the whole country down to its knees. Nearly 90% of the qualified workers in the public dockyards have lost their jobs. Young people are the most affected by this widespread unemployment and they often drown their own malaise in drugs. There’s even people who, not knowing where to go and where to sleep, have found a new home in the ships they used to build. Just like Aristidis, a metal worker who was fired back in 2009 and has been living in an abandoned yacht since then. Just like Edward, who’s been living in a small fishing boat along with other countrymen from Tanzania, or like Theophilos, an unemployed sailor who’s been sleeping on board the Dimitra, an old tanker no longer in use.