The Ghetto of Venice

Five centuries in the history of the Jewish people

Ghetto is an old Venetian word, once indicating the area of the town where foundries were located. But since March 29th 1516, it indicates the area where all the Jews living in the city were forced to live. On that very day, the Senate of the Most Serene Republic of Venice decided that Christians and Israelites didn’t have to share the town together. The resolution was considered and then quickly applied in dozens of other European cities, so ghetto became one of the most known Italian words – for sure Jewish people know it well, as for centuries it represented their forced home in half Europe.

This is a trip, during the five-hundredth anniversary of the oldest ghetto in Europe, among Chabad Lubavitch ultra-orthodox Jews, old artisans and synagogues well concealed in the unique Venetian architecture.