The Great Bourgeoisie Awakening

In the horn of Africa there is a proud and independent middle class

“We’ve been sleeping over the past 30 year, now we are awake”, a businessman says sitting in a room at the Nani Building, a skyscraper sponsored by the Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi. This building is also a symbol for a massive urban expansion that made Addis Ababa one of the most confusing – yet vibrant – cities of Africa. Ethiopia’s awakening resulted in a new feeling of pride blatantly shown by its middle class towards the history of the country which has (almost) never suffered slavery. This bourgeoisie loves luxury, playing golf, taking care of their own body. And it’s made of entrepreneurs, businessmen, UN or AU diplomats, whose headquarter is right here in a brand new building opened in 2012. This building was sponsored by China with over 200 million U.S. dollars.