The Hospital-Farm

When care and faith are sustainable resources

In North Kinangop, 130 km North of Nairobi, Kenya, there is a hospital-farm. It’s the North Kinangop Catholic Hospital, where African talent and Italian genius blended in to offer comfortable wood and mud stalls and state-of-the-art ECG machines and surgery facilities. Not to mention the fresh air of the Aberdere National Park, an excellent place for recovering patients, and the always fresh food mostly farmed in the hospital area.
Founded in 1965 by some missionaries from Padua, the North Kinangop Catholic Hospital evolved since then in a unique sustainable facility, able to harmonize the care for men and women with the one for nature. The area consists on 18 acres of fields and 18 acres of woods, from which the hospital staff, led by Don Sandro Borsa, take out what’s needed to live and work: local farming makes the hospital quite independent from external funding of the diocese or other institutions. Borsa has been leading the hospital for the last 25 years, between a Holy Mass and the caring of the cultivation of Spirulina algae, spreading his faith and producing biogas from dirty water.

The North Kinangop Catholic Hospital is a small town, to say it all: you can find a carpentry, a mechanical workshop, an oven and a mill. And patients pay for their cure according to the service received and their economical means – the hospital keeps no profit. The 220 beds available in the hospital serve a quite wide area, and almost 350,000 people, but when resources are renewable, dreams have no limits.

( 2017 )