The Lagos Shuffle

Total chaos in the centre of excellence

A city of 18 million, Africa’s first and one of the largest on the planet. No longer Nigeria’s capital since 1991, when Federal ministries were relocated in Abuja, yet the country’s real financial core.

A cancer of concrete and steel where hopes and dreams and fortunes are made and shattered every day. Where a man gives away 100 million USD of his private fortune to fuel entrepreneurship all over the continent. Where corruption is rampant, and more evident than in the rest of the country. Where the third movie industry in the world has its roots, and churns out tens of thousands of movies every year, and yet there are only two movie theaters in the whole city. Where all the tech startups are, yet the power grid is nonexistent – despite Nigeria being the world’s seventh oil producer – and most businesses and private houses are forced to run on diesel generators. Where the international Internet-scam business has been invented, and is still thriving. The city whose slogan, which can be read on the plate of any car, is: Centre of Excellence.