The New Crimea?

The Baltic Sea hosts a revived Cold War

Estonia is a EU and NATO member, it was for a long time part of the Soviet Union, and it’s right in the middle of the new Cold War between Washington and Moscow. Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Estonia (a country including at its Eastern border a huge presence of Russian-speaking, pro-Putin, not-integrated people) fears being the next victim of what the baltic country calls “Russian expansionism”. Along the Baltic border (the only one where NATO and Russia are physically face-to-face, except in the enclave of Kaliningrad) the North Atlantic Alliance is intensifying its military presence: the plans for 2017 see an “investment” of 3.4 USD billions and thousands more soldiers.

More: in Estonia military exercises ramped up, and militias volunteers’ number grows day after day. Overreaction? “Russia’s military budget triplicated in the last decade. We’ve been occupied by Soviets once, – it’s the answer of a corporal of the Estonian Army – we don’t want it to happen again. It’s a deterrent. As Romans said: if you want peace, prepare for war”.