The Nicolas

Art savers

The Nicolas are an ancient, renowned family of restorers. They’ve been active in the field, working on paintings, frescoes and statues, for over 50 years now. In their laboratory in Aramengo some of the most important Italian and international masterpieces have been brought back to life: from Tiziano to Tintoretto, from the Egyptian mommies to the Turin Shroud. After the 2009 earthquake which destroyed L’Aquila the Nicolas –very keen to art as well as to human and social catastrophes- decided to rescue a painting named “Il miracolo della vera croce” by G.C. Bedeschini located in the San Francesco da Paola church and ravaged by the seism.
The Nicolas decided to restore it on their own expenses. We followed all the steps of the process as a part of a broader discourse on the history of the city and of this special family from Aramengo. What’s happening with the pieces of art destroyed by the earthquake? We took a look at the state of art with the precious help of two important hosts, part of the Arca dell’Arte, an association in charge of the rescueing of damaged pieces of art. “ The aim of our project is to point the attention on the city of l’Aquila and on the damages it was affected by.
Nowadays there’re no longer people interested in promoting the restauration of the artistic heritage (the Missoni and a family from Sasso Corvaro contributed). But this is also an occasion to celebrate the value of the artesan work often forgotten by our society. The Nicolas are one of the most remarkable examples in the field: rooted to their culture and territory they never forget to take a look at the Italian scene to bring our artistic heritage back to life.