The Rivers

Going to the beach is sure to be complicated in the first summer in the time of Covid-19. Many, in fact, are choosing to head to the river instead.

The first Italian summer in the time of Covid-19 is sure to be ridden with restrictions, mask wearing and social distancing. To be allowed in to beach clubs it will be necessary to have one’s temperature measured, sign a register of attendance and agree to comply with a set of pre-established rules of behaviour. Such psychological obstacles mean that many, in the summer of 2020, are choosing an alternative: the mountains, for example, with their isolated paths or the villages dotted around the hills of the Apennines.
Above all, however, rivers and torrents appear to be back in vogue as they are easy to reach, free from restrictions and rules and already frequented by anglers, swimmers and nature lovers. The Ticino and the Adda, the Trebbia and the Ceno, the Serio and the Sesia are just some of the rivers in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia. These rivers pass through the “red zone” that saw the highest number of cases of Covid-19. Off limits to tourists until mid-May because of the lockdown restrictions, today they are under siege, especially at weekends when their natural beaches and meadows fill with people equipped with folding sunbeds and picnics in search of fun and relaxation.

( 2020 )