Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tito’s Bunker Opens to Art

Artists expose their work in the old antiatomic refuge

October 1962: the Cuban missile crisis was about to drag Europe into the nightmare of a global nuclear warfare. Although the Russians decided to dismantle their atomic weaponry, the Cold War continued until the fall of the Communist regimes at the end of the ‘80s: all the governments decided to gear up against the threat of an atomic conflict and also Marshal Tito ordered a fallout shelter to be built. Located along the Neretva river at 50 kms from Sarajevo, this facility is 300m deep and was designed to withstand up to a 20 KTs burst. Hopping in it means being blast into the past to witness the mood of the Cold War and its paraphernalia, like vintage telephones and telex machines. After the first exhibitions in 2011, the bunker will be definitely open to public in 2013 to host installations and paintings by contemporary artists.
On 26-27 April 2013 in the bunker will open the second biennial of contemporary art ‘D-0 ARK Underground’ curated by Croatia and Turkey. The initiative has received the attention of European cultural plate Cecel, an award that the Council of Europe grants for projects of cultural excellence. One of the primary objectives of this project, is to help local and regional artists from different cultural backgrounds, to obtain international profile.