Via Francigena

From Rome to Jerusalem along the ancient pilgrim paths

‘A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step’.

The act of reaching a far destination on foot shows the will to test oneself strength investing some of your energy and time to get deeper into a man’s soul. The time spent walking may really change your life. The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism proclaimed 2016 as the National Year of Walks, to promote the heritage of cultural, artistic and naturalistic itineraries that can be discovered walking or riding on a bike.

With this idea in mind we traveled on the Southern bit of the Via Francigena: the one which used to lead Christian pilgrims from Rome to Jerusalem. In Italy, the path retraces the old Appian Way, the Roman road connecting the Capital to Brindisi, where pilgrims used to get on a ship to Jerusalem. This photo feature is not just an historical revive of this ‘cammino’ (walk): it also reports how those cities and territories are living now.